KalikoImage Class Properties

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Public Properties

BackgroundColorColor used for background.  
ByteArrayByte array matching PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb (bgrA in real life).  
ColorColor used for graphical operations such as writing text on image.  
HeightImage height.  
HorizontalResolutionHorizontal resolution of image (DPI)  
ImageRatioWidth/height ratio of image.  
IndexedPaletteCheck if the current image has an indexed palette.  
IntArrayInt array matching PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb (bgrA in real life)  
IsLandscapeReturns true if image has landscape ratio (wider than high).  
IsPortraitReturns true if image has portrait ratio (higher than wide).  
IsSquareReturns true if image has a 1:1 ratio (same width and height).  
SizeSize of the image  
TextRenderingHintRendering mode for text operations.  
VerticalResolutionVertical resolution of image (DPI)  
WidthImage width.  

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