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The following tables list the members exposed by KalikoImage.

Public Constructors

KalikoImage ConstructorOverloaded.   

Public Properties

BackgroundColorColor used for background.  
ByteArrayByte array matching PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb (bgrA in real life).  
ColorColor used for graphical operations such as writing text on image.  
HeightImage height.  
HorizontalResolutionHorizontal resolution of image (DPI)  
ImageRatioWidth/height ratio of image.  
IndexedPaletteCheck if the current image has an indexed palette.  
IntArrayInt array matching PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb (bgrA in real life)  
IsLandscapeReturns true if image has landscape ratio (wider than high).  
IsPortraitReturns true if image has portrait ratio (higher than wide).  
IsSquareReturns true if image has a 1:1 ratio (same width and height).  
SizeSize of the image  
TextRenderingHintRendering mode for text operations.  
VerticalResolutionVertical resolution of image (DPI)  
WidthImage width.  

Public Methods

ApplyFilterApply a filter to the current Image.  
BlitFillOverloaded. Loads the defined image and use it as a pattern to fill the image (will be tiled if the destination image is larger than the source image).  
BlitImageOverloaded. Will load an image and place it on the destination image at top left corner.  
ClearClear the image and set background image to the specified color.  
CloneCreate a new image as a clone.  
CropCrop the image into the given dimensions.  
DrawTextWrite text to image  
GradientFillOverloaded. Makes a gradient fill top to bottom from one color to another.  
LoadImageOverloaded. Load an image from local disk  
LoadImageFromUrlLoad an image from an URL  
ResizeResizes the image without any consideration of the current ratio. If you wish to make a ratio locked resize use Scale Method instead.  
RotateFlipRotates, flips, or rotates and flips the image  
SaveBmpOverloaded. Save image to file in BMP-format  
SaveImageOverloaded. Generic method that will save the image in the specified ImageFormat.  
SaveJpgOverloaded. Save image to stream in JPG-format  
SavePngOverloaded. Save image to stream in PNG-format  
ScaleScale the image using a defined scaling engine which can be CropScaling Class will crop the image so that the final result always has the given dimension, FitScaling Class will ensure that the complete image is visible inside the given dimension or PadScaling Class that will pad the image so that it cover the given dimension.  
SetFontSet the font that will be used for text operations.  
StreamGifSave image to the response stream in GIF-format. Ideal for sending realtime generated images to the web client requesting it.  
StreamJpgSave image to the response stream in JPG-format. Ideal for sending realtime generated images to the web client requesting it.  
StreamPngSave image to the response stream in PNG-format. Ideal for sending realtime generated images to the web client requesting it.  
WriteTextOverloaded. Write text to image using the font assigned using SetFont Method.  

Protected Methods

FinalizeAllows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.  

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