PageFactory Class Methods

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Public Methods

DeletePageDelete a single page from the system.  
FindPageTry to route the requested Url. Returns true if handled or false if not.  
GetAncestorsOverloaded. Get a collection with all ancestors to a page. Usefull for bread crumbs and to traverse through parents. Related to GetPagePath but without the current page in the list.  
GetChildrenForPageOverloaded. Gets children for a page based on publish state or predicate.  
GetChildrenForPageOfPageTypeOverloaded. Gets children of a specified page type for a particular page.  
GetPageOverloaded. Gets a page based on the identity parameters passed to the function.  
GetPageIdFromUrlGets the id for a page based on the specified url.  
GetPagePathOverloaded. Gets a collection of a page and all it's ancestors. Usefull for bread crumbs and to traverse through parents. Related to GetAncestors but also includes the current pag.  
GetPagesOverloaded. Get all pages based on a certain criteria. Performs a site wide search.  
GetPageTreeFromPageOverloaded. Get a collection with the page tree from a specified root.  
GetParentAtLevelGet the specified page's parent from the defined level. For instance if you call this function with a page that is 5 levels beyond the root and request the second level page the system will itterate through the parents until it's on level 2 and return that page.  
GetSpecificVersionOverloaded. Get a specific version of a page.  
GetWorkingCopyGets or creates a new working copy version of a page.  
MovePageMove the specified page to the new parent specified as target.  
ReorderChildrenReorder children when the parent page is set to sort its children using SortIndex.  

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