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The following tables list the members exposed by PageType.

Public Constructors

PageType Constructor  

Public Properties

AllowedTypesArray of page types that can be created under a page of this type. If empty no child pages can be created. If null all page types can be created.  
DefaultChildSortDirectionThe child sort direction that will be set as default for a new page of this type.  
DefaultChildSortOrderThe child sort order that will be set as default for a new page of this type.  
DisplayNameThe name of the page type which is displayed in editor.  
NameName of the page type. Once set this should NOT be changed!  
PageTemplatePath to page template if using WebForms.  
PageTypeDescriptionDescription of the page type. Shown in editor.  
PageTypeIdUnique identifier.  
PageTypesList of all page types in the application.  
PreviewImagePath to a preview image for the page type shown in the editor.  
ShowPublishDatesCurrently not used.  
ShowSortOrderCurrently not used.  
ShowVisibleInMenuCurrently not used.  
TypeThe type associated with the page type.  

Public Methods

GetPageTypeOverloaded. Get page type based on identifier or type.  
GetPropertyDefinitionsGet property definition for a page type.  

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