ColorSpaceHelper Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by ColorSpaceHelper.

Public Methods

CMYKtoColorOverloaded. Converts CMYK to RGB.  
CMYKtoHSBConverts CMYK to HSB.  
CMYKtoHSLConverts CMYK to HSL.  
CMYKtoRGBOverloaded. Converts CMYK to RGB.  
CMYKtoYUVConverts CMYK to YUV.  
GetColorDistanceOverloaded. Gets the "distance" between two colors. RGB colors must be normalized (eg. values in [0.0, 1.0]).  
GetSpectrumColorsOverloaded. Gets visible spectrum colors.  
GetWheelColorsGets visible colors (color wheel).  
HexToColorConverts a Hex color to a .net Color.  
HSBtoCMYKConverts HSB to CMYK.  
HSBtoColorOverloaded. Converts HSB to Color.  
HSBtoHSLConverts HSB to HSL.  
HSBtoRGBOverloaded. Converts HSB to RGB.  
HSBtoYUVConverts HSB to CMYK.  
HSLtoCMYKConverts HSL to CMYK.  
HSLtoColorOverloaded. Converts HSL to .net Color.  
HSLtoHSBConverts HSL to HSB.  
HSLtoRGBOverloaded. Converts HSL to RGB.  
HSLtoYUVConverts HSL to YUV.  
LabtoRGBOverloaded. Converts CIELab to RGB.  
LabtoXYZOverloaded. Converts CIELab to CIEXYZ.  
RGBtoCMYKOverloaded. Converts RGB to CMYK  
RGBToHexOverloaded. Converts a RGB color format to an hexadecimal color.  
RGBtoHSBOverloaded. Converts RGB to HSB.  
RGBtoHSLOverloaded. Converts RGB to HSL.  
RGBtoLabOverloaded. Converts RGB to CIELab.  
RGBtoXYZOverloaded. Converts RGB to CIE XYZ (CIE 1931 color space)  
RGBtoYUVOverloaded. Converts RGB to YUV.  
XYZtoLabOverloaded. Converts CIEXYZ to CIELab structure.  
XYZtoRGBOverloaded. Converts CIEXYZ to RGB structure.  
YUVtoCMYKConverts YUV to CMYK.  
YUVtoColorOverloaded. Converts YUV to a .net Color.  
YUVtoHSBConverts YUV to HSB.  
YUVtoHSLConverts YUV to HSL.  
YUVtoRGBOverloaded. Converts YUV to RGB.  

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